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No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy

We all know that a man’s sperm is necessary for a woman to get pregnant. His testicles produce the sperm that runs through vas deferens (vas) – a tube that passes through the prostate. This tube joins the urethra, a vas on the other side of the prostate and the urethra exits through the penis. Both the left and right vas are blocked in a vasectomy. So when a man ejaculates semen, it does not contain sperm, making pregnancy impossible.

The Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision Clinic specializes in the needle-free scalpel-free vasectomy procedure. This is done at a doctor’s clinic and is completed under local anesthesia in less than 15 minutes. A little-known fact is that about 20000 vasectomies are performed in Ontario itself.

Non-Invasive Vasectomy

No-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies are non-invasive and are different from conventional vasectomies. Blocking of tubes needs to be done in both methods. What differs is the approach of getting to the tubes.

In a conventional vasectomy, two cuts are made in the skin to lift the tubes. After the procedure, stitches are used to close these cuts, which makes the procedure invasive. On the other hand, in a needle-free scalpel-free vasectomy, the procedure is non-invasive and is undertaken in the following way:

• The doctor administers local anesthesia by a jet injection that uses air pressure rather than a needle. The patient experiences a minor popping sensation like a rubber band around the skin.
• A tiny puncture is made using a special instrument to stretch the opening to lift the tubes on each side.
• The tubes are cut, their upper ends that lead to the penis are closed using the heat cauterization process and they are pushed back into their sheath. The tiny puncture closes within a day.
• This open-ended vasectomy keeps the testicular end untouched for the sperm to exit. This minimizes the accumulation of sperm at the lower end and helps contain post-vasectomy discomfort.

Benefits Of Needle-Free Scalpel-Free Vasectomy

This technique is unique as it makes the use of a needle/scalpel redundant, reduces discomfort and also saves time. Research studies suggest this technique to be superior as the rate of complications is about eight times lower than a conventional vasectomy. We excel in No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomies In Ottawa, Gatineau, Cornwall and surrounding areas and are proud to offer the highest standards of modern surgical excellence through our team of experienced doctors.

If you have any questions about No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomies In Ottawa or want to know more, just get in touch with us at the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clinic. You can call us or contact us through our online form. We also have an online registration form so you can make an appointment for your procedure.