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Common Misconceptions About Vasectomies

Most men like to gain knowledge about vasectomies in Ottawa and Gatineau and gather this information through the internet. While such information is easily accessible, it is also confusing, as you sift through a mix of facts and myths. It is better to meet an experienced doctor and get your facts right.

At the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clinic, we advise people to make informed decisions by encouraging them to ask questions and get clarifications from experts. This is to ensure that they clear their minds of misconceptions about their vasectomy. Here are some common misconceptions that people have:

1. The Procedure Is Painful And Difficult

Ottawa vasectomies are short procedures and require less than 20 minutes. No needles and scalpels are used which means it is non-invasive. The doctors use a jet-spray for local anesthesia that reduces any discomfort.

It is important to understand that the pain and bruising are so minimal that over the counter medicines like ibuprofen or Tylenol are good enough to contain them. The normal recovery period is one week and in some cases can stretch to two weeks. Getting a vasectomy is safe and generally, no complications occur during or post the procedure.

2. Affects Sex Drive?

This myth needs busting. People believe that their sex life will be affected after a vasectomy. But the fact is that it has no impact on testosterone levels or sex drive. All three aspects, erectile function, libido, and orgasm remain unaffected.

Scalpel-free vasectomies in Ottawa simply blocks the tube and stops the sperm from traveling to the penis. It is an effective birth control method because it obstructs the movement of sperm that causes pregnancy. The patient is permitted to have sex after a week post the procedure.

3. Is It Irreversible?

The success rates of vasectomies are as effective as birth control methods. In some cases, people that have undergone vasectomies may want to have children. It means that the procedure needs to be reversed. The good news is that modern surgical techniques can reverse this procedure. But doctors recommend that you opt for reversal only after three years.

4. Are Vasectomies And Prostate Cancer Linked?

Men also fear that a vasectomy may be linked to prostate cancer. There is no documentation establishing a link between these two. In fact, the vast data reviewed by the American Urological Association has laid to rest the myth that any relationship exists between vasectomies in Ottawa and prostate cancer.

For any more information on vasectomies in Ottawa, you can call the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clinic or contact us through our online form. We also have an online registration form so you can make an appointment for your procedure.