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Why Are No-Scalpel Vasectomies Effective?

A Vasectomy in Ottawa is now a commonly accepted birth control method. Men prefer it because it is easy and not so painful. They undergo a vasectomie procedure at the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clinic because its quick and the recovery period is very short too. It is also a very effective birth control method. We attribute our success in conducting vasectomies in Gatineau, to the expertise of our doctors and the vast experience they have in this field.

A Vasectomy Is Effective

Before men decide to undergo a vasectomy they often ask, “Is a no-scalpel vasectomy a foolproof procedure?” Our long years of experience indicate an almost 100% success rate of this procedure as an effective birth control method. The rare chance of pregnancy exists only if the divided tubes rejoin.

A waiting period of three months is required for the semen to be totally free of sperm after the vasectomy. During this period it is important that other methods of birth control be used to prevent a pregnancy.

Follow-Up Is A Must

The vasectomy patient has to undergo a follow-up sperm count test after a few months of the procedure. The patient’s sperm can be collected at our Ottawa and Gatineau vasectomy clinic or he can collect it during sex by using a special condom. The sample is meticulously examined for the presence of sperm and a report is given to the patient.

If the follow-up report is clear, (no sperm is present) the patient would not need to use a condom during sex. However, it’s always important to use a condom in cases of casual sexual encounters as the risk of STD is always present.

How About Reversibility?

Though men have a vasectomy for birth control, they do want to know whether it is reversible or not. The procedure is reversible with modern surgical techniques; but it is not a full-proof process. The chances of success are not high because the procedure may affect the person’s fertility levels and his sperm count may be very low.

This is because, post the procedure, the body produces antibodies against the sperm, which is why you need to make a well-thought out decision about getting the vasectomy in Ottawa done.

If you have any questions or want any more information, just get in touch with us at the Ottawa and Gatineau Vasectomy clinic. Alternatively, feel free to send us your queries through our online form. We also have an online registration form so you can make an appointment for your procedure.