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Things To Watch Out For After Infant Circumcision

Circumcision is one of the safest surgical procedures available today. Doctors take every precaution possible to ensure your baby is safe and doesn’t experience any complications. However, this doesn’t mean complications don’t happen. At the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clilnic, we make sure parents know how to look out for the signs and respond promptly. Here’s a brief guide on what you need to watch out for:

Active Bleeding

While minor bleeding and some spots are normal, circumcision doesn’t cause any active bleeding after the procedure is complete. The doctor will make sure there’s no excessive bleeding before sending the patient home.

It is rare for a child to bleed after he is home. This only happens if parents don’t follow proper cleaning methods or apply too much pressure to the site of the surgery. You also need to apply Vaseline to keep the skin supple and reduce the chances of bleeding.


Infections are rare because most parents are diligent and make sure their child is clean during the recovery period. However, mistakes can happen and they can lead to infections. You need to keep an eye out for any puss-like discharge from the surgical site. Check for excessive warmth near the site and make sure your child doesn’t have a fever. It is also important to keep track of the child’s urination pattern. If he hasn’t urinated in 12 hours and is exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above, you need to call the doctor immediately.

Infections are treatable and won’t cause any long-term damage if you address them quickly. The best way to avoid them is to follow all of the doctor’s instructions carefully. Keep the area clean and dry at all times and use only disposable diapers for the first week. This will help keep infections at bay.

Ottawa circumcision is a safe procedure and doesn’t cause much pain or discomfort to the child. Keep an eye out for unusual reactions and take note of your child’s behaviour to ensure you don’t miss anything. It is also a good idea to keep him swaddled so he doesn’t accidentally injure themselves.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Ottawa circumcision, just get in touch with us at the Ottawa Vasectomy and Infant Circumcision clinic in Ottawa and Gatineau. You can call us or contact us through our online form. We also have an online registration form so you can make an appointment for your procedure.