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The Top 5 Fitness Tips Every Man Should Know

During the Covid-19 outbreak, health clubs and gymnasiums will be closed to the general public until they met CDC guidelines. While most states are still in lock-down, and others are slowly reopening, we’ll have to exercise inside our homes and outside with face coverings. If you want to stay in shape during this uncertain time, here are five fitness tips men can do every day.

Focus on being flexible in your workouts. Start by stretching regularly. This prevents future injuries and help relaxes muscles after a grueling regimen. Consider doing yoga or Pilates to work on being flexible.

Slow down and take your time. Don’t push yourself. This might lead to overexertion. No need to compete with others. If you decrease the pacing, this simultaneously increases the amount of time your muscles will tense, and your blood flowing through your body. Overall, this helps build your muscle mass. Remember, slow and steady wins the race for better muscles.

It doesn’t hurt to try new things. Try isolating different muscle groups than you normally do. If you change exercise regimens, it improves your core strength, flexibility, and balance. For example, instead of weight-lifting, try Crossfit, Total Resistance exercises (TRX) Boot Camp or Conditioning, or High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You should never do it alone, so have a fitness buddy join you via video. Check out those training videos online, via DVD, or On Demand.

Try the holistic fitness approach. It’s known to improve your overall fitness. This engages with your mindset, your well-being, and your inner emotions. If you try this, it decreases any stress and improves bone health. Exploring new techniques like Tai Chi is both fun and beneficial to your health.

Take a break. It’s important to rest and recover between workouts. Never letting your body rest can be detrimental to your health. You might experience burn out and lose motivation to stay in shape. It could do more harm than good. It’s recommended to take a day off with a minimum of two to three days off a week. Stay hydrated by drinking water and having a protein shake between meals. Don’t do anything too strenuous or train on your day off. For example, if you’ve worked on your hamstrings, switch to your lower back and shoulders.