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5 Facts You Should Know Before Having a Vasectomy

For many men, who are in committed relationships, one of the things that they consider is a vasectomy. Why is this? This is a form of birth control that is more reliable with less issues arising when women use birth control, since hormones are not involved. However, before you decide to opt for a vasectomy or not, you should know these five facts!

1. A vasectomy in Ottawa is something that you and your partner should decide on together

For men who are considering this, they need to talk with their partner. This is going to affect both of you, so both of you should be involved in this decision. There are a few situations in which a vasectomy is a clear choice. For example, if you have children and want no more, if there is an issue with pregnancy that affects the health of the woman and you want to avoid it, or if there are genetic disorders that you both want to avoid passing onto a child.

2. A vasectomy is considered safe and effective

This is performed in an office and you will find that you are given local anesthesia for the area, you are not put out for this. Thus, it is considered a safe surgery to have done. And you will find that you can return to work in two to three days, and even have sex within seven days. It is also highly effective, as it is considered 99% effective.

3. A vasectomy is not going to affect how you perform sexually

This is one of those things that many men worry about. However, it is not going to affect your sex lives at all. In fact, some men say that it actually helps their sex life since it allows them to be more spontaneous with their partner when they are not worrying about birth control.

4. Right after a vasectomy, you still have sperm

When you get a vasectomy, this does not mean that you cannot get someone pregnant. In fact, it can two months for the sperm to stop being ejaculated. This is why it is important to use backup birth control methods during the mean time.

5. You can reverse a vasectomy in Ottawa

If the issue comes up that you do want to have children, you will find that a vasectomy can be reversed. Or there are other options out there such as having the sperm surgically removed and then implanted into the eggs of the woman. A reversal is much more complicated than getting the vasectomy, so this is why this is an important decision to make with your partner.