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The Top 10 Tips on How to Balance Work and Family Life in Quarantine

For the past two months, families balanced work and family life during the quarantine. Schools closed for the rest of the school year. Businesses shut down. Parents worked remotely while they home-schooled their children. As states gradually loosen or end restrictions, how do you stay sane during this uncertain, transitional period?

Here are ten tips on how to balance work and family life.

Take a big breath. Don’t be anxious, be fearful, or exhibit any stressful behaviours. Pick a mantra and use it when stressed. Practice deep breathing. Switch off the TV. Avoid social media. Phone someone.

Develop a daily schedule. Design it to resemble one from school. Indicate times for wake and sleep schedules, when to start and end academic activities. Include snack, play, and lunch periods. Map a learning plan. Stick to it by making it visual. Spread your work hours throughout the day. This provides a safety net with normalcy. Let them have a “free-choice” activity with options to choose from.

In these trying times, consistency is a virtue. So create a daily schedule and stick to it. For example, enjoy breakfast together at about the same time every morning. Plan expectations for sticking to the schedule early and providing a balance. Create a reward chest with your kids for completing their assignments. Use small trinkets or a privilege list that includes treats. Set it next to the schedule. This lets you return to other obligations and decreases stress.

Don’t be hard on yourself. If you’re not sticking entirely to the schedule, relax. Do your best. You’re not responsible for their schooling. Encourage them to read during the summer. Let them read every day or read along with them.

Work out with your children. Be involved with their play-time activities. If you exercise in the afternoon, let them join you. Yoga teaches mindfulness and decreases stress. Try different ways to relax together like meditation. It will relieve anxiety in everyone. Spend more quality time together. Add variety to your days, like a nature walk around your home, or creating an obstacle course.

Ask for help. Have your spouse pitch in, or delegate certain tasks like cooking or cleaning. This instills teamwork and creates boundaries. Use video chat apps and design virtual social events with friends to vent. By talking with others, you won’t feel isolated and you’ll gain valuable information and advice.

Devote self-care to your schedule. Create time to relax and be alone for activities like reading or indulging in a bubble bath.