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Planning for a Family: What to Consider

When planning for a family, there are several considerations that need to be made to determine what birth control you want to use, as well as if you want kids at all. In most cases, the types of birth control are going to fall into short-acting methods or long acting methods. Short acting methods are often used in between having children or when longer methods are not something that a person wants to do. However, longer acting methods include those options that are permanent for those who are serious about not having any children or who already have children and do not want any more.

Short Term Methods

There are several methods that can be used for the short term. Some method such as monitoring the body temperature to ensure it is not at its peak for pregnancy, along with using the withdrawal method are not that dependable. Other methods that are more reliable include:

– Diaphragm or a cap with spermicide used each time during intercourse
– Condoms
– The pill that is taken every day
– The progesterone-only pill
– The contraceptive patch used weekly
– The contraceptive injection, injected every 8 to 12 weeks

Long Term Methods

For those who are looking for something that is longer term, there are several options, including those that are more permanent. These options include:

– The contraceptive implant that lasts up to three years
– The intrauterine system that lasts up to five years
– The intrauterine device (IUD) that lasts anywhere from five to 10 years
– Female sterilization which is permanent
– Male sterilization or a vasectomy which is permanent

With the various given methods, it is possible to take control of what type of family that you want. Whether this be one with a certain number of children, or no children at all. When deciding on which is the best solution, you must look at your short term and long term goals before deciding on which option is best. And both parities should be on board for this solution to prevent pregnancy. Remember, with short term methods most of these methods are anywhere from 92% to 99% effective when used properly, the same can be said of the various long term methods. The only permanent methods to use are female sterilization or male sterilization. However, both male and female, need to consider that a vasectomy can be a permanent method if they hope to have children in the future.