Since newborn babies are less aware and local freezing is more effective, the best time for a circumcision is between 7 – 21 days of age. However Dr. Brulotte will perform infant circumcisions until the age of 2 months. Beyond this age, your son will need to be assessed prior to scheduling a circumcision.

There is no weight minimum or maximum, but babies that are older than 2 months will need to be assessed prior to circumcision.

It is not unusual for a baby to be sleepier after the procedure and to miss a feeding. You may give an additional dose of infant Tylenol as needed. While some babies are irritable after the procedure, most are back to their normal selves within 24 hours.

To minimize the risk of infection, change your son’s diaper immediately after a bowel movement. You may use wipes everywhere but on the penis, where it is best to clean by dabbing with a warm washcloth.

You may give your son a regular bath once the circumcision is fully healed, which usually takes around 7 days. Prior to that time, you should give your baby sponge baths only.

For the first week, apply the Vaseline to the diaper rather than the penis (it may be sensitive, especially initially). Afterwards, apply a thin layer of Vaseline as you normally would to protect against diaper rash.